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“We came across James Corne from The Franchise Institute and was immediately impressed by his experience and depth of knowledge. He took us through the franchising process step by step ensuring we understood what we were doing and importantly why.

Overtime, working with James and his team, we were able to modify our franchise offering so that it now is a simple, easy to operate “dry shop”. This means that the franchisee simply need to take the orders and then the garments are dry cleaned off site in one of our centralised processing plants and returned to the franchisees store for pick up or delivery. Our business is going from strength to strength and we are very excited about our continued growth.”

Stephane Lemenager, General Manager


Susana Hands, owner of Created by Hands Acrylic Designs, explains how The Franchise Institute helped her franchise for success.


"Franchising has freed up my time to focus on business growth...."

Dean Odewahn, Its Bin Cleaned
"We recruited our first franchisee in just 4 weeks. I wish that I had contacted the Institute earlier so that it would have allowed me to set the franchise side of the business up without being so busy with the daily operations."


"It's everything you need to franchise..."

Drew Davies, Kurbarz
"I’m so happy I used the Franchise Institute to franchise my business. Their detailed system and professional and personable support made everything possible and allowed me the opportunity to grow my business."


"quicker than expected to recoup your setup costs..."

Clive Rogers, Car Kit Company
"We’ve found the step by step approach of the program easy to use, very comprehensive and would happily recommend it to any business wanting to grow and expand through franchising. We will have recouped all our costs plus much more from the sale of our first franchise. We’re very excited about our future thanks to everyone at The Franchise Institute."


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The Franchise Institute is a professional team of franchise experts who have helped hundreds of small and medium sized business owners to successfully franchise their business. With over 15 years’ experience we can advise on the viability of expanding your business through franchising, and have also created an innovative program called Franchise for Success allowing you to franchise your business or idea quickly and easily.


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